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What Characteristics Define Virgin Hair?

First Characteristic: real virgin hair has never been dyed. 

Real virgin hair has never been dyed, so when you receive a hair weave bought online, or when you are buying virgin hair from a hair weave retailer, you should first inspect if the color of the hair has been dyed or not. It is actually quite easy to tell. If the hair has been dyed, it’s color will be very even, and in most situations it will be very close to color #1, but the meaning of virgin hair is that it has never been dyed, and also the ends of normal human hair are usually more pale than the roots. Another way to tell is to wash the hair. If you notice during washing that some color is lost, it is a sure sign that the hair has been dyed. Real virgin hair will absolutely not lose its color.

Second Characteristic: real virgin hair can be dyed to any color. 

You can dye virgin hair to any color you want, including white or color #613 and even relatively lighter colors. Because virgin hair itself has exceptionally strong vitality when comparing it to non-virgin hair, it can be used a lot longer.

Third Characteristic: real virgin hair can last for one to two years. 

We know that virgin hair is rather expensive, but if you take care to protect it you can expect it to last for one to two years. With non-virgin hair under many circumstances you can only hope to use it for about 2 months, because non-virgin hair is treated with chemicals, acid washed and loses many of its scales, therefore its life span is rather short.

  • March 01, 2016
  • Stephen Wang