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Raw Virgin Hair VS Regular Virgin Hair

So you now know what is virgin hair,but it also has 2 kinds,which is raw virgin hair and the other is regular virgin hair.

And what is the difference between raw virgin hair and regular virgin hair?

That answer is raw virgin hair is collected from one particular donor. So in that bundle of hair, you gonna have more consisted pieces and pieces gonna to matches as while its colors, as well as its texture.

raw virgin hair


Regular virgin hair can be collected from multiple donors, which means if my hair is natural state and its virgin hair, they can be collected from myself as well is yourself and a couple of other people.As long as our hair colors match in color, they can bound it together on a weft  as one particular bundle.

Just remember that raw hair just come from one selected donor which gonna give you more consisted pieces, which is also a very very high grade of hair.So the quality is much better than regular virgin hair.


  • March 02, 2016
  • Stephen Wang