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Why choose Virgin hair but not Beauty Supply Hair?

Sometimes I hear a lot of people talking about, "oh my god the price of this hair is so ridiculous." When you think about it the price really isn't ridiculous because you're paying for quality. Buying virgin hair is not cheap. You’re paying for a long lasting hair, especially if you make it into a weave, you're paying for hair that can last as long as you want it to. The beauty supply store hair is a lot cheaper than virgin hair.

What are the difference between beauty supply hair and virgin hair?

Beauty supply store hair is for temporary use. Say you have a nice wedding you wanted to go to and you wanted to have a nice hairdo for that day or if you’re just going to go for a weeks’ vacation and you just wanted your hair to look a certain way for a week then get yourself some beauty supply store hair. Beauty supply store hair is not all bad but beauty supply store hair has its limits and that’s why you get the price that you get when you get beauty supply store hair. The hair is not really meant to last because honestly beauty supply store hair does not use real hair. It's a very good idea to get some good virgin hair if you're in the process of protective styling for a very long time.

Reason 1#: Virgin hair looks good for a longer period of time. Instead of hair lasting you two weeks, it can last you a year. I would get my hair, and I would wear it for two weeks and all of a sudden the wind and gravity became a problem. The wind would just matt the hair up especially in the back and we've all done it, I know anybody who has worn a weave or wig or anything like that has over worn a weave for like a day or two longer than you're supposed to. When you have true virgin hair, you don't have that problem. Because with the good virgin hair, you can wash it and your hair will just snap back into shape. It acts like real hair because it's real hair. I remember my hair will start to bunch up at any slight movement. Good virgin hair is hassle free hair.

Reason 2#: Beauty supply store hair is way more work. Why do I say that? Because when you have beauty supply store hair, you're going to have to be brushing your hair every 5 seconds to keep it looking correct and the shedding that you get with beauty supply store hair especially after those two weeks are done, you go like this, strands all on the floor, strands everywhere. It's a mess. So basically, it's like this, if you really like beauty supply store hair, you must really really like to vacuum because you're going to be vacuuming your house all the time.

Reason 3#: Good virgin hair gets you a lot of compliments.Men love it when your hair looks good. Why? Because when my hair looks nice, it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, I could be wearing some sweatpants, I feel really really good about myself. And men love when you feel good about yourself, they love it when you're confident. They like when you know you look good. That makes them smile, and that makes them happy and that makes them want to be around you.

Reason 4#: An overly worn bad weave gets you into fights. Because your man might see a whole bunch of hair on the floor. They might try to pet your hair and have a bunch of hair in their hand. Who wants to be around that? I know a lot of people who say that their man does not like them wearing weaves or wigs or whatever. It's probably because of that. Because let's be real, if it looks good on you, they are going to like it. Period. If it’s causing a whole bunch of hair on the floor and hair in the drain, hair on the bed, hair everywhere then they are going to hate it. If it stays looking nice, the people you live with, your roommates, they are not going to mind you having weave. But once you have your hair and it’s just all over the place of course they are going to hate it. But if it looks good, they are going to love it.

Reason 5#: Why you  should invest in some good virgin hair if you're going to be wearing wigs, weaves or extensions for a long period of time, it can help you think about other things besides your hair. I can do other things with my life. It's just opening my eyes to other things I can do, other possibilities besides hair. Like I said before, I'm not here to be a hairdresser, I love hair though. I just like my hair looking good and since my hairs looking good, I feel good and that's what makes me happy. I don't have to go to the salon to sit somewhere to make my hair look cute. I could just put something on my head and all of a sudden my hair looks cute. Yes, virgin hair is more expensive than beauty supply store hair but it is the most less hassle hair you can get. If you are planning on doing a protective style for longer than 2 weeks, get you some good virgin here.

I hope you enjoyed this post so you can understand the difference between beauty supply store hair and virgin hair. And why you should get some good virgin hair if you're going to be wearing your protective style longer than two weeks. In the comments below, I'd like to know, what is the one thing in life that you don't care how much it costs, you love to do it because it makes you happy? What is that one thing in life that makes you feel that way? That’s what I want to know in the comments below.

  • March 12, 2016
  • Stephen Wang