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Stop Hair Weave Shedding-Weft Sealer

I believe you should experienced shedding with your hair weave.So how to avoid shedding?

We started getting a lot of calls saying that the hair, not necessarily that they purchased from us but hair that they experienced or maybe purchased from another company. They started noticing a lot of shedding especially when you wash your hair in bathroom, in their cars and all those places you don't need hair to show up at, when you're out on a date or somebody’s always picking hair off of you.

We found that the weft sealer works great to solve that problem. So if you're noticing that it's a whole lot of hair in your comb or in your vent brush use our weft sealer and simply what you do is you take it what you can do you either apply it straight from the bottle with the brush or you can pour it in like a needle nosed squeeze bottle and you just basically go along the weft and that seals the weft in.

Basically what you do is you're sealing the hair into the weft so that when you brush it and you comb it especially when you cut the ends that’s where you're getting a lot of your shedding. When they are measuring that weft up to that braid and they cut the ends, they are breaking the integrity of the weft so basically the hair is going to shed especially for the first two weeks.

After two weeks the shedding should slow down however what I noticed is that when you use weft sealer you're not going to get a lot of shedding within the first two weeks or after the two weeks both the one thing why you definitely need to use the weft sealer is because I'm noticing that the fad lately has been people have gone from 16 inches to 30 inches.

The thing is the longer the hair is, you have to remember when you start brushing or combing or blow drying, the more you brush, the more you comb, you're pulling that hair out of the weft so you need to solve that solution by using the weft sealer. I promise you, you put weft with the weft sealer with long hair, you'll have better results and you can use your hair a lot longer. So you've gone from using your hair from six months to almost a year. 

  • March 29, 2016
  • Stephen Wang