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Clip in Hair Extensions Make It Easy

The Clip in Hair Extensions is the easiest, fastest and safest way to add length, colour and volume to your hair with little or no chance of causing any damage to it. This can be a marvellous alternative to more permanent types of hair extensions.

Today, hairstyles are somewhat casual in style yet remain attractive and appealing.

Here are a few styles that are currently trendy, and that will work well with Clip In Hair Extensions.

Tied in Knots - Top knots are brilliant when you want to look elegant on a night out but work just as well with a casual outfit. It is incredibly easy and quick to assemble with a stunning overall effect. If your hair is not particularly thick or long in nature then clip in hair extensions will add the length and fullness you need to make it work. This sort of hairstyle adds height so will automatically highlight your neckline and any jewellery you might be wearing.

Braiding Away - Braids are both gorgeous and very feminine and are also really easy to achieve. If you decide to use Clip In Hair Extensions, then be particularly careful where you clip them as you will need to part your hair in the centre. Once you have parted the hair, plait both sides and then lift them over the head, making sure you clip them securely.

Half and Half - Half up and half down styles look fantastic and are extremely flattering to the face. Start by clipping in your extensions, and then secure the hair that you want to stay up. A few strands around the face will give you a softer feel. This style works well for all occasions and if you are attending a special event use a stylish clip to hold the hair at the back, and this will ensure your hair looks stunning from the front and back!

Waves and Curls - If you do not have naturally wavy hair, there are some different ways you can create natural looking curls. Either by plaiting your hair when wet and leaving it to dry or using loose large heated rollers. Alternatively, careful use of hair tongs can also give you a wavy look. Clip in hair extensions will not only give you length and volume, but they can be styled in the same way as your hair.

Do the Twist - If you are wearing your hair down but still need it to be practical for work, why not part your hair and take a section from each side at the front and give them - you guessed It - a twist! Then secure each section at the back. Straightforward and efficient!

Red Rules - Yes red is still the colour of the moment! If you do not have red hair and prefer not to dye it, you can still be in the club by clipping in some red extensions. Giving you the overall effect but with the option of taking them out if you fancy a change.

Something else to think about when considering whether not to choose this type of hair extensions is the availability of a large number colours to suit anyone's needs. From jet black to a variety of browns, reds and blondes there will be a colour to match your hair, to add a slight colour variation complementing your natural hair colour or to add a maybe startling accent.

  • May 26, 2017
  • Stephen Wang