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Getting The Best Out Of Your Clip In Hair Extensions

According to leading hair extensions suppliers, sales of clip in hair extensions are at an all time high. This is partly due to the vast number of high profile figures and celebrities openly wearing hair extensions and changing their image frequently.

Another reason is that clip in extensions can add length, volume and glamour to thinning hair in an instant. What is more, they are now available in 100% real, soft, luxurious human hair and a massive range of hues. If they are matched and fitted properly, the 'join' is virtually undetectable, and the results are incredibly realistic.

A major benefit of the clip in variety is that they do not involve bonding or glue which can put extra strain on hair follicles. Plus, they are not being worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Extensions can also offer the wearer flexibility of hair styling without committing to a particular cut or 'look'.

An instant full head of thick, glossy hair has more than just aesthetic benefits. Extensions can make the wearer feel more confident or feminine, particularly for those with thin hair and in need of a boost. Clip in hair extensions offers the easiest DIY option for gorgeous full hair. So, how can you get the best out of your clip-in extensions? Our step-by-step instructions show you how:

1) Most clips in extensions are supplied in packs of 4 sections. Before you begin, lay all the sections out on a flat surface. Smooth the extensions down with a wide-toothed comb or your hand

2) With a narrow toothed comb this time, take a straight section of your natural hair at the back and carefully backcomb the root area. Begin with the shortest width extension and open the clip

3) Thread the clip in the back root area after combing, as close to the nape of the neck as possible. Shut the clip, taking extra care to ensure it is closed tightly

4) Take the next section of hair, about 2.5cm apart from the first section, and back comb your natural hair at the root. Again, apply the next extension - which should also sit about 2.5cm above the ear

5) Repeat the process with the next two sections until all clip in extensions is evenly spaced down the back of the head.

Before wearing extensions, you must carry out a practice session for opening and close the snap clips of the hair extensions. Practice must be done by applying pressure at the end of the clip by using the index finger and both thumbs. One end must be left open to fit in the extension to hair. Use straightener before wearing the extensions so that natural hair should blend well with the extensions. While straightening start from the bottom and move upwards and then comb your hair so that your hair should have no bumps. Use the longer lengths of the extensions on the back side of your head, and shorter lengths can be utilised for sides.

As compare to permanent extensions, clip in extensions is much more economical and durable. They can be removed before going to sleep which means that you do not have to wear them all the time. Therefore if you want to add length, colour and width to your hair then clip in hair extensions can be the best option.

So there you go. Now you know how to get the best out of your extensions.


  • May 26, 2017
  • Stephen Wang