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Pros and Cons of Clip-On Hair Extensions

Transforming short, thin hair into long, luxurious look can be done by hair extensions. In the market, means of application and many types of extensions are available. To prevent damaging of hair most forms of them should be applied with the help of a trained professional. There is an exception for clip-in extensions. They can be even used at home quickly and safely or also can be implemented in either as one big clip or in smaller sections.

Using clips as extensions also have pros and cons.

No damaging

Using clips as extensions are not causing any damage to the hair is one of the advantages. There are different varieties which use bonds or glues or even braided in, and they can cause break off and damaged hair.


Depending on the person's hair, it can be a pro to some and con to others if the clip-in extensions are worn for a longer time and also not removed while sleeping. Everyone is waiting to get a permanent solution for short hair and thin hair that can be removed and maintained just like natural hair. If that is the problem, then clip-in is not a right solution. Clip in extensions is designed only as to add length for hair, which many people are looking for to use in special events.


The cost of the clip-on extension is much lesser than compared to the prices of extensions that are applied by many salons. This is one of the advantages of clip-on hair extension. To cut the cost of going to the salon, people are buying these clip-in extensions so that they can apply them at their home only. Unlike hair extensions, clip-in models are not worn out or are not permanent, so they last longer. Less purchase of extension very often will help in lower cost involved in them.

Clip in hair extensions contribute to make an excellent inclusion to your great beauty accessories, and they allow much more different hairstyles to suit any occasion.

They are becoming increasingly more well-liked, and ladies are keen to purchase them so they can accomplish that celebrity look themselves. Nevertheless, not each and every set of clip in hair extensions is the same, and with vendors keen on selling clip in hair extensions to the growing marketplace, buyers have to be conscious of what they are buying. So to ensure you are obtaining a value for cash and great high-quality clip in hair extensions, one should know what features to search for.

  • May 26, 2017
  • Stephen Wang